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Barry County Hope House

A Recovery Residence

Barry County Hope House is a non-profit organization assisting non-violent probationers in rebuilding their lives by providing a drug and alcohol-free housing environment for those who are committed to recovery from addiction.

Newly released inmates face a multitude of challenges that contribute to their relapse back into addiction, and ultimately a return to criminal activity, re-arrest and re-incarceration. Many of these men and women have a desire to stay drug and alcohol free, and yet they have nowhere safe to go. New probationers have 24 hours from their release to provide an address that is free of firearms, alcohol, illegal drugs and convicted felons, a tall order for most. The goal of the Hope House is to be there when they are released at midnight and be that light in the night, providing support and a place for them to stay while they begin their new lives.

"I estimate that eighty percent of the cases I see are drug and alcohol related - if not more," Amy McDowell, Barry County Circuit Court Judge. "It is discouraging to see someone coming back into court over and over again. We need to have a support system in place to help people get out of this cycle. "

Challenges for probationers include joblessness, substance abuse, lack of stable housing and poor family connections. By utilizing resources and collaboration, we improve community safety and the quality of life for our residents, supporting one resident at a time. The Hope House will actively involve the residents in recovery programs such as ANNA. In addition, the Hope House has a close working relationship with the Barry County Community Mental Health Authority, offering a pathway to counseling for those who are interested. The Hope House also has available employment opportunities for residents through Starting Over for Success. The Hope House goal is to gain support from the Barry County community for changing the course of lives who suffer from addiction.

General information & eligibility

Barry County Hope House provides temporary shelter in a safe environment for males who have been formerly incarcerated and are on felony probation. Housing is specifically designed to be temporary; 8 to 10 men will be able to stay at the house anywhere from 90 days to six months while they work on getting their lives back in order.

Eligibility to stay at the house will be decided and granted by both Barry County Circuit Court Judge and an interview committee. Our target residents are those committed to recovery and rebuilding their lives.

*Hope House is currently male only, although, there is a future goal for an additional Hope House for females.

Hope House GOAL

Decrease the crime and improve the quality of life within Barry County by providing safe, healthy and affordable short-term housing and increasing the economic self sufficiency of
persons formerly incarcerated.

hope house OBJECTIVE

Create a supportive house with structured programming for formerly incarcerated persons to reside in that addresses their specific needs:

  • Job readiness
  • Supportive services such as AA and NA
  • Substance abuse and mental health counseling
  • Community service opportunities
These opportunities will facilitate family reunification, economic and social integration, allowing for future success in the Barry County Community.

We Need Your Support. Give Probationers 'Hope' as They Rebuild Their Lives.

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